What IF it was IMPOSSIBLE to FAIL?

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….Just imagine for a second the possibility that you could pursue a path in life that it was literally impossible to fail at.

What would your life look like? What dreams would you pursue?

Exploring the answer to this question will be a part of the discussion on Dec. 14th at Best Life Now Networking Event and Dec. 29th Vision Board & Empowerment Workshop.

Your purpose is the one thing that it is impossible to fail at, yet so many people are afraid to take the journey.

Your purpose is the unique gift that God created you for.

It was implanted in you when you were created.

You were pre-destined for it before you were even born.

It is God’s gift that he has given to you to share with the world.

So, is it possible to fail at the one thing that you were created for? The answer is NO.

But, fear of failure is one of the top reasons that people don’t pursue their dreams.

If you want to do something radically different with your life, but you don’t know where to start……

If you long to leave a job or career that no longer serves you…

If you sense there is a greater calling for you to fulfill…


Lessons from Brian: How to Dare Greatly!

Brian Dare Greatly

The greatest gifts in my life are my family and friends.  God has blessed me with some amazing friends who are loving, transparent, and loyal.  They are the holders of my secrets and my dreams.

I am also very grateful for my recent journey of learning to live and dare greatly over the last year.  I talk a lot about “living with purpose” or “daring greatly”, which can sound cliché or like some lofty idea. But, it simply means creating the life that God designed uniquely for you – and living your life intentionally, passionately, and with purpose.

When I think about real-life examples of what that looks like, I think of my friend Brian Roberts .  Brian was one of the most fun loving and passionate persons I know.  He was very intentional about how he lived his life.

So, intentional that he actually took time to create a vision statement for his life.  It took Brian months to carefully craft this statement, because he was very meticulous about the words he included in his vision for his life.  With great care, he developed the following vision statement by which he shaped his life:
To be healthy, organized, focused and disciplined, and a knowledgeable activist who fights for the liberation of African people and the human rights of people worldwide. To be a loving, caring, and sharing African man who is committed to the happiness and welfare of his family and friends.
While Brian did not live up to every word in his vision statement daily – like the one about being “healthy.”  Brian loved food, and he often went back and forth being a Vegan on Monday and eating a jumbo hamburger on Friday, which was a common joke in our friend circle!! Despite this funny contradiction in his life, he pressed to realize the meaning of his vision statement and embodied the overwhelming majority of the characteristics outlined above.
In 2009, Brian was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When we went to lunch a few days before his first brain surgery, we were talking about the meaning of life and comforting each other about the road ahead – of course he was more concerned about reassuring me that he was going to be ok than actually worrying about himself.
And, he shared the following words with me with tears in his eyes that I can never forget:
Of course I would love to live to grow old and see my son graduate from college and have a family, but if that is not in my future…I can truly say that I have lived my life the way I wanted to live it. I have always done work that I love. I have fought for issues that I care about. I am a father. I have a loving family. I have traveled the world. I have great friends. I really can’t think of anything more that I could ask for.

Brian’s words of wisdom represent the true essence of what it means to dare greatly and live with purpose.  Brian lived life the way life is meant to be lived. And, I wanted to share his words of wisdom to encourage other people to live life like Brian did:





What is Essential to Daring Greatly?

Brown Cave Great Outdoors Month Facebook Post (2).jpg
For me, it is faith. Faith is an essential component to living the life you want to live and to daring greatly. Living out your purpose is not easy – in the face of self-doubt, societal pressures, and real life responsibilities.
So, you must first be confident in who you are and what gifts you have to share with the world. Then, you have to be brave enough to actually pursue those gifts. And, you can’t get from:

Step 1: Confidently Knowing Your Gifts

Step 2: Bravely Pursuing Your Gifts 

Without faith – in my opinion.

I am a believer. A believer in change. A believer in justice. A believer in hope. And, above all I am a believer in God and specifically Jesus Christ. My belief in him gives me strength and faith to believe in myself even when it is scary. I am certain that you must have faith in a source or belief higher than yourself in order to dare greatly.

I would never tell anyone what their individual pathway to faith should be. I am respectful of different faiths and pathways to God, and it is a personal choice for each of us to make while experiencing life’s journey.

But, I am confident in one thing based on my lived experience: FAITH is an essential component to me walking in my power and daring greatly.

What Does Your Closet Tell You About Your Life?


I recently spent the day with my momma cleaning out and organizing my closet.  I put this task off for over a year, but I finally found the courage to tackle it with the moral support from my mom.

From this simple task, I learned a lot about myself:

  1. Lesson #1: Just Do You! When you go through your closet, it is like taking a walk down memory lane.  You notice that there are certain styles that you simply love and will rock forever! Some things never change. For me, it would be the strapless tube top! My close friends know that I will forever rock the strapless top and strapless dress – it is simply who I am! My grandkids will need to organize an intervention to get me out of the tube tops when I am 80.
  2. Lesson #2: I Have Everything I Need! After unpacking and organizing all of my clothes, I realized that I own every type of clothing (work clothes, formal dresses, casual clothes, work out gear, beachwear, etc.) I ever needed.  Over the last few years, I bought pieces that I already owned simply because I didn’t know what was in my closet.  So, on last week I promised myself (and more importantly my momma- lol!) that I would not buy any new clothing, because I have everything that I need.
  3. Lesson #3: STOP and Take an Inventory! It is important to stop periodically and take an inventory of your belongings.  If you don’t, it will cost you a lot of time and money.  I wasted a lot of time, energy and money re-creating outfits and things that I already owned. I pride myself on being a thrift shopper – my close friends know my favorite store!!! But, I still have wasted so much money over the last years buying the same things over and over again – even if it was 50% off or only $5 or $6 dollars.  And, the money does not even account for the amount of time I’ve wasted shopping for the same stuff over and over again. So, my plan is to take an inventory of my closet and my daughters’ closet each season in order to save time and money!

These simple lessons are transferrable to life in generally.  My closet cleaning re-affirmed a few things I already knew!

My personality and uniqueness is evident in my style and in my life.  I decided in my 20s to chart my own path in life and to just do April!!!

The second lesson was also a beautiful reminder: I have all that I need! The key word is “need” – not want.  From a spiritual point, I believe that God has given us everything we need (within us) to navigate this life and fulfill our purpose.

And, finally my closet taught me to STOP & TAKE AN INVENTORY OF YOUR LIFE!

When you are so busy with life that you can’t stop and evaluate where you are and where you are going, it costs you!  So, take a few minutes to take my brief survey on Purpose, Wealth, and Legacy.






At the beginning of this year, the following words were placed on my heart by God:

Time is our most precious gift!

When people get to the end of their journey, the one thing they wish for is more time.

Like many people, I always seem to find excuses on why to wait to pursue my goals and dreams and take time for granted.  I assume that I will get to those things later…when I have more time? more money? or more energy? I have two small children…so energy is on short supply!

But, the word about time continued to weigh heavily on my mind and heart as I started 2017.

A week or so into 2017, life unfolded in a way that brought the meaning of those words to life for me!

I got a text from my mentor/second mom informing me that she was very ill…but she was still fighting!

During the next six weeks, I spent a lot time with her, caring for her, talking to her about life, and being inspired by her.  Yes, she was inspiring and encouraging me as she was fighting for her life against cancer. It is simply who she was.  At the end of February, she transitioned.

While the pain of her loss was (and still is at times) very painful, I feel so blessed that we had TIME together at the end.  The TIME we shared the last two months of her life is the most precious gift that she left behind for me! From this experience, I learned a lot about TIME.  Of course, the obvious lesson is that life is short.  But, more importantly I learned how important it is to use your time on this earth wisely.

After her text message to me in January, I made a conscious choice to re-arrange my schedule and make TIME with her one of my highest priorities! Since her passing, I’ve decided to honor her by accelerating my dreams. She always told me to “follow my heart.”

Now, I want to spread that message with the world. Remember:

  • TIME is our most precious gift!

  • Be Intentional about How you Spend Your Time!

  • Create a Life you Love NOW!

  • Don’t put your dreams on hold!

Be Intentional. Follow your Dreams.  Believe that you can create a life that you love. A life that allows you to spend TIME on what is important to you. Create your best life NOW!

The world is waiting.