What IF it was IMPOSSIBLE to FAIL?

Escape the City

….Just imagine for a second the possibility that you could pursue a path in life that it was literally impossible to fail at.

What would your life look like? What dreams would you pursue?

Exploring the answer to this question will be a part of the discussion on Dec. 14th at Best Life Now Networking Event and Dec. 29th Vision Board & Empowerment Workshop.

Your purpose is the one thing that it is impossible to fail at, yet so many people are afraid to take the journey.

Your purpose is the unique gift that God created you for.

It was implanted in you when you were created.

You were pre-destined for it before you were even born.

It is God’s gift that he has given to you to share with the world.

So, is it possible to fail at the one thing that you were created for? The answer is NO.

But, fear of failure is one of the top reasons that people don’t pursue their dreams.

If you want to do something radically different with your life, but you don’t know where to start……

If you long to leave a job or career that no longer serves you…

If you sense there is a greater calling for you to fulfill…


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