At the beginning of this year, the following words were placed on my heart by God:

Time is our most precious gift!

When people get to the end of their journey, the one thing they wish for is more time.

Like many people, I always seem to find excuses on why to wait to pursue my goals and dreams and take time for granted.  I assume that I will get to those things later…when I have more time? more money? or more energy? I have two small children…so energy is on short supply!

But, the word about time continued to weigh heavily on my mind and heart as I started 2017.

A week or so into 2017, life unfolded in a way that brought the meaning of those words to life for me!

I got a text from my mentor/second mom informing me that she was very ill…but she was still fighting!

During the next six weeks, I spent a lot time with her, caring for her, talking to her about life, and being inspired by her.  Yes, she was inspiring and encouraging me as she was fighting for her life against cancer. It is simply who she was.  At the end of February, she transitioned.

While the pain of her loss was (and still is at times) very painful, I feel so blessed that we had TIME together at the end.  The TIME we shared the last two months of her life is the most precious gift that she left behind for me! From this experience, I learned a lot about TIME.  Of course, the obvious lesson is that life is short.  But, more importantly I learned how important it is to use your time on this earth wisely.

After her text message to me in January, I made a conscious choice to re-arrange my schedule and make TIME with her one of my highest priorities! Since her passing, I’ve decided to honor her by accelerating my dreams. She always told me to “follow my heart.”

Now, I want to spread that message with the world. Remember:

  • TIME is our most precious gift!

  • Be Intentional about How you Spend Your Time!

  • Create a Life you Love NOW!

  • Don’t put your dreams on hold!

Be Intentional. Follow your Dreams.  Believe that you can create a life that you love. A life that allows you to spend TIME on what is important to you. Create your best life NOW!

The world is waiting.

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